On April Fifteenth, Nineteen-Twelve

Captain Eddie Smith lamented, if I’d only brewed myself a pot of Liq-Mo®, the mighty Titanic & I would still be sailing the high seas. Of course, if he had and you saw him strutting ‘round the decks today, you’d think, Wow, he’s gotta be around 170, but he’s got the body of a 165 year-old.

Send us your Liq-Mo® historical insights and if we use on our site, we will send you a bag of Liq-Mo® on us!

Just imagine what the some of the greats throughout history might have accomplished simply by starting their day with a steamy cup of LIQ MO®. For those who see coffee as a fundamental part of their own day-to-day successes, we invite you to unleash your inner greatness with the power of LIQ-MO®!


Locally-roasted Coffee that Packs a Punch

Whether you’re partial to all things local or just the type who needs a little extra oomph in their morning mug, LIQ-MO® isn’t your average cup of joe. We use only the most select coffee beans from trusted growers to ensure safety and potency, before locally roasting and toasting them using an innovative process that yields remarkable taste and caffeine content. Who couldn’t use a little more LIQ MO® in their life?

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Hand-picked Quality Ingredients

Superior in equals superior out, and we take the quality of our beans very seriously. LIQ-MO® is made from some of the most choice beans available, selected especially for their strong caffeine content, smoothness, and diverse flavor profile. As for freshness, we roast on-demand so they never sit too long in storage. This ultimately affords you a better, more potent cup of coffee.


Medium Roast. Big, Balanced Flavor

For decades, coffee lovers have been longing for a medium-bodied roast that delivers real flavor backed by a huge shot of motivation to boot. LIQ-MO® has answered the call! This truly high-powered medium-roast coffee has no bitter aftertaste, with no compromise to flavor, aroma or its impressive caffeine content.


Limited Edition 100% Barrel-aged Coffees

Need a sophisticated, fun, or outside-the-box gift idea for someone who takes their relationship with coffee seriously? Or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself. Either way, our Limited Edition 100% Barrel-aged (when available) LIQ MO® is the gourmet coffee gift that keeps on giving… until the bag runs out, at least. But what a ride it is while it’s full! These premium roasted beans have flavor unlike anything you’ve tried, with the elevated caffeine content LIQ-MO® is famed for. It only comes along once in a while, so don’t wait!

Who Says a Medium Roast Can’t Be Turbo Charged?

All too often the trade-off with high-caffeine coffee is the familiar bitterness that comes with each sip. LIQ-MO® is different. We use a unique variety of high-quality beans and innovative roasting techniques honed over many years, to bridge the gap between balanced smoothness and serious potency. Brew up a bag today and let the productivity unfurl!


Ready to blast off?

Order LIQ-MO® coffee online through our secure shopping portal, or get it at either of our tap rooms at the Fairport Brewing Company. 1044 University Ave, Bldg 2 Rochester, NY or 99 S. Main Street, Fairport, NY 14450